The Workplace Mental Wellness Advocate Programme

APCB has approved the certification of this programme.
The 6 online modules of  this programme aims to develop mental wellness and resilience in the workplace.
These modules have been designed specially for the Asian employee using Asian illustrations and examples.
It includes skills development to help employees to manage mental health issues and identify mental distress in their fellow colleagues.
The managerial care tools module gives some insights on how to identify and assist a colleague who is showing signs of mental health distress.
These are the 6 modules which have been approved.

        1. STRESS: How to Manage Work Stress
        2. SELF-CARE: Step By Step Guide to Self-Care
        3. MOOD: Understand Yourself: Making Sense of Emotions and Behaviors
        4. CONFLICT: Strategies for Conflict Management
        5. PERFORMANCE: Figure Out What Really Matters
        6. MANAGERIAL CARE TOOLS: Workplace Psychological First Aid

An employee must complete all e-learning exercises and assessments
before he/she can achieve
the status of a

    1. Stress

    Learning Points

    • Distinguish between healthy and unhealthy stress 
    • Learn how to manage stress 
    • Turn stress into success  

    2. Self-care

    Learning Points

    • Understand the importance of self-compassion

    • Learn strategies to improve mental well-being 

    • Learn strategies for better physical wellness

    3. Mood

    Learning Points

    • Know and understand yourself
    • Learn healthy ways of self-regulation
    • Understand the habits of happiness

    4. Conflict

    Learning Points

    • Understand the causes of conflict
    • Learn the importance of communication
    • Learn strategies of effective collaboration

      5. Performance

      Learning Points

      • Discover your purpose and values of life
      • Understand how to harness and sustain motivation
      • Learn how to develop competence and confidence

        6. Managerial Care Tools

        Learning Points

        • Learn about causes and categories of mental health disorders
        • Learn how to idnetify common symptoms of various mental health disorders
        • Learn mental health first aid skills
        • Understand how to support employees with mental health conditions through workplace initiatives