Little Bells Children’s Home

Little Bells Promiseland Children's Home @ Nepal

Little Bells Promiseland Children’s Home (LBPCH)
is a project to help needy children in Nepal to have a home, education, & livelihood
while remaining safe from abuse, vice & human trafficking.

Little Bells started operations in 2016. Since then we have been helping up to 23 children till 2022. This year two have graduated and another 6-8 new children are being enrolled, we expect to have a total of 30 children by end of October 2023. These children are from various regions of Nepal. These children are certified by the social welfare department of Nepal as orphans, displaced (civil unrest), abused (victims of human trafficking), or abandoned (destitute | out of wedlock) children who need urgent help.

We have provided a loving home and cared for them. The staff’s effort to care for the children was attested to  with no infections during the COVID lock downs. The children have also performed well in school despite the pandemic. All of them scored within the top 10% of their cohort during the school exams in April 2023. Two of the older children will be commencing college from May 2023. They are given education not only in urban academic skills but also in agriculture, community development, tourism hospitality and trekking professions.

Little Bells Promiseland Children’s Home was initiated in partnership with Mr Tut Mailadai, a Nepali Business man who owns and operates Angel’s Guesthouse for trekkers at Australia Camp (Thulakharka Village) which is 5 mins walk from Little Bells. This project was started in partnership with Mr Daniel Jesudason, who was then the Managing Director of Promises (

Little Bells is a registered entity under the Nepali Social Agency Department and its finances are audited annually. It is governed by a registered Board of Nepali Directors. It is also subject to detailed social audits by the Nepal National Child Rights Council. A major social audit was completed in May 2023.

Little Bells operates under the auspices of the Asia Pacific Certification Board consistent with the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Asia Pacific Certification Board which states:

“To aid assist and give relief in any manner and to any extent to any charitable institution whose object or objects are similar to or comparable with the objects of the APCB, including hospitals, sanatoria, homes or places of refuge or shelter educational institutions schools orphanages libraries universities industrial welfare establishments and other charitable organizations Provided Always that notwithstanding anything heretofore contained no grant or assistance shall be given which shall be in aid of any political organization or for any political purpose.”

APCB is also developing other charitable initiatives in Nepal which will include the certification of addiction counselors related to drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Nepal.

The following Advisory Committee oversees Little Bells projects, partnerships, operations, management, and tracking of finances on behalf of APCB:

Mr. Daniel Jesudason
Dr. Ivan Lau
Mr. Ng Khee Jin

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