About Us

APCB was formed in the year 2010 by a team of addiction specialists and mental health professionals who recognized the lack of proper standards in treating addictions and mental health in the Asia Pacific region, APCB was therefore setup to safeguard the standards of therapy in the region.

The Asia Pacific Certification Board (APCB) is a multinational body providing the structural framework in credentialing mental health professionals from the Asia-Pacific region as having met ethical, knowledge and skills standards for certification.

APCB has established standards for addictions and mental health therapists that are recognized across national borders.

APCB hopes that by providing a basis for professional standards for the profession it will lead to more innovation, research and sharing of best practices in mental health and addiction treatment using effective and innovative treatment strategies (eg psychodrama, EMDR etc) throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Certified professionals with APCB have reciprocity with many other certifying bodies in other countries in the transfer of credentials.. Please email [email protected] for more details.

Our Mission

To establish and promote standards of care among mental health & addition professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, so that people may receive optimum care in their recovery.


  • Provide an internationally recognized certification for mental health Therapists
  • Promote uniform professional and ethical standards for mental health professionals
  • Increase the understanding of substance and behavioral addiction treatment and recovery
  • Increase international visibility and respect for mental health professionals in the Asia Pacific region
  • Certify courses which will empower mental health professionals address and treat mental health and addiction issues more effectively in the workplace, society and home.
  • Promote uniform professional standards in the various sub-specialty disciplines in mental health and addcitions such as trauma care, EMDR, youth mental health literacy, psychodrama, problem gaming, sexual addictions, gambling addiction etc

In order to achieve its goals, APCB shall strive to:

  • Be active in forming international symposiums, workshops, conferences and research in the areas of mental health and addiction treatment
  • Providing information on mental health and addictions
  • Providing members with online and onsite professional education and skills training courses
  • Be active in liaising with its sister boards within the Asia Pacific region and internationally maintaining common goals of mental health and addiction treatment and research
  • Be active in maintaining a database of mental health and addiction professionals in various countries
  • To maintain an active administrative office for the Asia-Pacific Certification Board