Mission and Goals

To establish and promote standards of care amongst addiction professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, so that people may receive optimum care in their recovery.

Goals of APCB are to:

  • Provide an internationally recognized certification for Addiction Therapists.
  • Promote uniform professional and ethical standards for Addiction Professionals.
  • Increase the understanding of addictions and recovery across the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Increase international visibility and respect for addiction treatment professionals in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Promote uniform professional standards in addictions sub-specialty disciplines like problem gaming, sexual addictions and more.

In order to achieve its goal, APCB shall strive to:

  • Be active in forming international symposiums, workshops, conferences and research in the areas of substance and behavioral addiction.
  • Providing information on substance and behavioral addictions.
  • Providing members with online and onsite professional education and skills training courses.
  • Be active in liaising with its sister boards within the Asia Pacific region and internationally maintaining common goals of addiction treatment and research.
  • Be active in maintaining a database of addiction professionals in various countries.
  • To maintain an active administrative office for the Asia-Pacific Certification Board.