Certification for Individuals

Addiction Recovery Coach (ARC)

As an ARC, you want to help addicts. You are capable of identifying others who need help. You are capable of befriending them and bringing them to a recovery center. You are also capable of mentoring them. You can perform basic supportive counselling. You are the first line in addiction treatment. You can do intake assessments and orientate new patients to the treatment of addictions.

People in recovery may also apply for ARC certification.

You'll need these to be certified.

Certified Addiction Therapist (CAT)

As a CAT, you are a therapist who can accompany addicts fully on their road to recovery. You are familiar with the 12 core functions of an addiction therapist. You can provide intervention and therapy.

You'll need these to be certified.

Advanced Certified Addiction Therapist (ACAT)

Having an ACAT represents that you are more experienced with the different therapies available to treat addictions.

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Certified Master Addiction Therapist (CMAT)

Masters of their field in Addictions Therapy. Should have at least 5 years experience in the field and recognized as addiction therapists and hold a Masters level degree in a behavioural science.

You'll need these to be certified.