About Us

Unsatisfied with the lack of proper standards in treating addictions in the Asia Pacific region, a group of experienced addiction therapists decided to form APCB to safeguard the standards of therapy in the region.

The Asia Pacific Certification Board (APCB) is a multinational body providing the structural framework in credentialing mental health professionals from the Asia-Pacific region as having met ethical, knowledge and skills standards as Certified Substance Abuses Therapists (CSAT) & Certified Gambling Therapists (CGAT).

APCB has established standards for addictions Therapists that are transportable across national borders. In addition, providing a basis for setting professional standards for the profession will lead to more innovation, research and sharing of what works in addictions care throughout the region.

Experience in Singapore has also shown that credentialing has led to a higher level of respect for therapists in the field through competency based certification programmes.

Certified professionals with APCB will have reciprocity with many certifying bodies in other countries. For reciprocity process and/or a listing of member boards, please call the APCB Office.