Retest policy

In the case of an unsuccessful written examination, applicant may:

Retest - Applicants failing the written exam may send a written request for retest to APCB within 30 days of receipt of notification that he/she did not successfully complete the exam. APCB will then notify applicant of the next exam date. Applicant must notify APCB in writing of his/her intent to be seated for that exam or desire to be rescheduled. Applicant will be required to pay a retest fee of US$75 prior to being rescheduled for exam. Applicant must take the exam within 1 year or 4 exam dates to keep application active.

Please write in to to know more.

Appeals Process

The purpose of appeal is to determine if APCB accurately, adequately and fairly reviewed applicant's file. A letter requesting an appeal must be made to APCB in writing within 30 days of the notification of the board's action. A person shall be considered notified 3 days after the relevant date of mailing. The written appeal will be sent to the Executive Committee who in turn will thoroughly review the entire application and materials to determine whether or not applicant should have been denied approval. Applicant will be notified in writing as to the findings of the Executive Committee.

Please send a mail to to begin the process.

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